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Bruce At 62

July 28, 2012

I already sent this link to most people I know who might be interested, but wanted it posted here for posterity and easy reference.

David Remnick, Pulitzer-Prize-winning author and long-time editor of The New Yorker, has just published an extraordinary and extensive piece in the latest issue on Bruce and the band still going strong (BTW, this January will be 40 years since I first saw “Bruce Who and the What band?” in the old gym at Glassboro).

Interviews and quotes mostly from Bruce, Stevie, Patti, Jon Landau and a somewhat sad portion on Vini Lopez, original E Street drummer, who has to have the worst luck of any musician since Pete Best was replaced by Ringo in Liverpool about 50 years ago.

I loved the part about “handshake,” the “contract” with the audience; basically you guys buy a ticket and me and my guys will play our asses off like it’s the last show we ever do….every night.

All too rare combo of great writer/great subject.  Long-form journalism for sure, but well worth it.


Guns Don’t Kill People….

July 28, 2012

people do, though the people who kill mostly use guns, so there’s that.

In the wake of the Aurora Dark Knight massacre, National Treasure Michael Moore sifts through the bullshit on the American fascination with guns and killing versus efforts at gun control, a subject he’s already covered quite brilliantly in Bowling For Columbine.

Moore nails it here on his website.