I’ve started this blog as an online diary of my effort to quit smoking after 35 years.  My effort is part of a Rutgers University study that includes behavioral testing, counseling and nicotine lozenges.  My targeted quit day is April 1, 2010.  I’ll also be spouting off on two of my favorite interests:  sports and politics.

My teams are the Yankees, football Giants, hockey Rangers, NJ Nets and Notre Dame football.  My politics are — depending on your preference of terms — left/liberal/progressive, which by current definition simply means I disagree with everything on Fox News and talk radio.  


One Response to “About”

  1. Patrick Martin Says:

    Hey, thought you might find this article interesting:

    I began this piece by mentioning the ongoing NFL-NFLPA dispute, yet I have yet to mention anything having to do with the union or labor agreements. Well it’s simple really:
    The owners overspent on unnecessary stadiums, and now they want the players to work more for less pay to help pay down the debt. That’s your entire labor dispute in one sentence.
    The league expects — nay, demand — the NFLPA to act like a local government in a stadium dispute and simply give the franchise operators what they want for little or nothing in return. Maintaining the “owners’” social standing is of paramount importance.

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